Ramadhan di Negeri Pelangi (2)- Ramadhan in Aloha State

Another story was about Ramadhan and the earthquake.
It was on October 15, 2006 and I felt so sleepy after the early breakfast a.k.a sahur.
My roommate and I were sleeping so tight and sound when we felt that there was something moving our beds.
Instead of getting up from the bed, we both just put on our “hijab” and continued sleeping.
I was really exhausted at that time.
It was seven in the morning on Sunday and I just slept for about two hours, after “Sahur” and Shubuh prayer.
We both really slept and didn’t hear anything suspicious, until 12 PM.
When I woke up, my hubby was calling me and sounded so worried. Then I had come to realize that there was a “big” earthquake in Hawaii, with the epicenter in Big Island.
He was so worried when I told him that I was asleep though we felt the “shakes”.
Then, I got out from the dorm and met my friends. All of them talked about it.
Every one in Hale Manoa, the other dorm that is a 12-floor building, was panic and tried to save themselves. As it was quite early for Sunday, some people were still on their pjs. They ran off the building with their laptops, external hard-disk, flash drive, camera and many other valuable things.

They got so surprised and shocked to learn that I re-slept.
Gosh Nelly,
what were you thinking?

A memento of Ramadhan in Aloha State.

E, 2009!
The end of August 2009


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