Ramadhan di Negeri Pelangi (1)

A friend of mine who knew that I was fasting was asking about the food I would have for Maghrib.

My friend:” Nelly, do you wanna have some dates?”
Me: *a bit confused after coming back from outside which was very sunny*
Dates? I’m married and I guess everyone in the dorm knew about it ( I was talking to myself)
then I asked her : “Heh? sorry?”

My friend : “Here I have some dates. My friend gave it to me yesterday and I thought you would like it as you are now observing Ramadhan”.
After looking at the plastic bag she handed to me, I had come to realize that she was talking about some fruits.
Then, I was smiling and thanking her.
Still, I couldn’t help but to smile to imagine that she offered me some “dates” hehhehe.

Itu korma, Nelly!!
Please, deh!
Pikirannya kemana-mana

Ramadhan pertama di Honolulu 2006

Tunggu kisah selanjutnya yaaaaaaa

Ditulis di Eindhoven, the Netherlands 2009
Ramadhan 3, 1430


2 responses to “Ramadhan di Negeri Pelangi (1)

  1. buahaha…gw baru tau dates=korma..xixixi..plis dech rieee…

    • hahahahaa,
      untung baca tulisan gw lho yeeee

      yang lainnya Riiiee, silakan dimampirin dan dikomen 😀

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