Summer 2008- European Memory

On Nov 22, 2007, as the Americans were so busy preparing for the big thanksgiving dinner, I flew to Amsterdam, NL from Columbus. My flight was scheduled at 12.30 PM,yet, I arrived so much early at the airport since I shared a ride with Eka whose flight was at 11 AM.
The security process was not that bad, well, at least I got used to it. So, when the woman officer wanted to check me and offered me to do it in a separate room, I said I was okay since I got used to it. She smiled, hopefully, she got the point
Not having a visa to go to another country,I felt a bit anxious. However, I did not feel so nervous, even on the day before the day I left. The airplane agent asked me why I did not have any visa,Gosh, didn’t I email the agent like several times and called for so many times and they said it was okay and they recorded on my data?
I explained to her and I showed the email from the NL embassy stating the treaty between Indonesian government and the NL gov for the service passport holder?
Well, compared to the whole trip, it was nothing, really.

On the plane, I kept thinking to myself that I should have been more thankful than I am now.
God grants almost whatever I have wished for. I recalled a moment last year, a moment when my roomie back in Hawaii asked me to go to Europe with her to spend the winter break. I actually really wanted to join her, yet my answer was : If I have to go to Europe, I should be with my hubby.
And…here I am now, in Europe, with my beloved hubby…
Gosh, it is like a dream come true…
When I saw him at the aiport fecthing me, again I felt like this was just too good to be true It was at 8 in the morning when I first set my step at Schipol airport, NL.
The customary thing was nothing, really, compared to the US custom which would take away all of your nerves. The officer, again, only tested me about the absence of the visa. After explaining that I do not require one due to my service passport, he said ” you are correct”

My first day after 4-month part from each other was greatly wonderful…
we would definitely recall it as our best moment ever…
too hard to explain how I feel about him,
he’s just great for whatever it is…
I love us. I love him and I love myself whenever I am with him.

And today, on Saturday Nov 24,
we went to see Eindhoven,
actually, he accompanied me to buy some stuff so we went to the “open market”, as the locals prefer saying.
Walking for about 1 hour, passing through his “so-technical” campus, I felt happy, not only I am here at Eindhoven, but I am more than jolly that I am here with him….

The first store that we visited was a chinese store that sells many kinds of things from Asian countries.
And I was soooooooooooooooo surprisingly amazed that they sell almost everything that Indonesians would need as they are away from home.
It’s all there. Name one as you need, saos ABC, pedas, extra pedas and sweet hot, sambal lampung, sambal jempol, my favorite was also there…! Gosh, and not to mention, many kinds of the instant noodles and various kinds of kerupuk….various kinds, various, indeed…
amazing. that might be the proper adjective to describe…
This place is really something, well, at least, compared to the chinese stores in the States. there is nothing like this in the Chinatowns in Athens, Ohio, Hawaii, San Fransisco, DC, and NYC.
And…after 4 months not to eat some traditional food, I could finally enjoy them here. I grubbed tahu isi, lumpia, risoles and pastel….and TEH BOTOL SOSRO…oh, it’s a crack as Rose my friend in Athens, would say
it’s just so fascinating….and breathtaking,
As for me, I am expecting for some other spectacular moment that I would encounter and experience with my one and only..
just wait and see…


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