A way too long break in Nov-Dec

Been a long time since my last writing. The school really kept me busy and occupied.
Oh well, time without school is always good for updating MP.
As I am now in my break, let me just write a piece of my Winter break experience.

This Winter break is the 3rd break I have so far. My first winter break was in DC when I had to attend the Fulbright conference in Washington DC. It was pretty much free as I only had to pay $250 for a quite busy itinerary (HI-DC-LA-HI), as Fulbright covered all the fares, meals and the pocket money. Well, it was a good deal for a free trip. The flight from Honolulu, HI to DC was a long journey (it may be almost the same amount of hours from Indonesia to Honolulu). However, it was a pay-off. DC was awesome and nice. The cold weather was a little too  much for me, tho. The people and the surrounding were so much different from the ones I saw in Hawaii. Quite amazed, I enjoyed every minute of my journey. On the first day of the conference, they took us on one-day tour so we got a chance to see and experience DC. With a foggy and cloudy weather, DC seemed to be gloomy yet nice and classy.

The next journey was to NYC. Yeah, NYC!!. Unlike DC that seemed to be very classy, NYC was so much merrier with all the glamorous stuff. The tall buildings and the busy street, traffic and people seemed to be a great combination to depict how a hectic and big city should be like. I was so amazed with the Times squares- it was a BIG O MY GOD!! really!! with the lights on and the sparkling building and billboards, Times squares was able to make me feel like I was in the outer space. Spending almost a week in NYC, I could eventually city-walk in Manhattan, took a tour to the Staten Island, and took a few snapshots with Liberty.
My journey was not yet over, as I had to rush to LA to meet up with my friends down there. However, flight during Winter break sometimes was not a good idea at all. My flight from DC to Chicago O’hare was canceled due to the bad weather. In all, I had to spend a couple more days in DC. A bit nervous, I was trying to find a place to live. Fortunately, I had a friend who used to go to Univ of Hawaii with me, so I spent few more days in DC. It was not bad at all as I had a chance to explore DC more. In fact, this day was my fortunate day that related me to my future life in Ohio. – to put in a simple way, God had had the plan for me so I met the people I would get acquainted with in the future or opened up the way for me.

My plan to go to LA was not to realize, so I decided to visit my friend who went to Stanford University in Palo Alto. She was a good host that would take me to San Fransisco that took almost two hours from PA. SF is a pretty nice city, yet it was not as clean as DC. Under a combination of cold and rain, we made a two-day trip to the downtown. Visiting the golden bridge, Pier 39, the fisherman’s wharf, buying a lot of souvenir and taking the cable car were too hard to forget. Unlike DC and NYC that got their subways, SF does not really have a good transportation system, if I may say. There are buses and trains tho they are not as convenient as those two cities.
Almost spending a month in a mainland, I had to go back to the paradise again.

The second winter break was to visit my hubby. My 1st visit to Europe was to explore some cities in the Netherlands-Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Eindhoven, Maastricht, Leiden, Den Haag, among others. I wrote about half of my experience; here and here. The second time to visit it was during the Summer break. This time, my hubby and I had a chance to visit some countries in Europe.
And now, here I am now, in Chicago enjoying my third Winter break. I had spent almost a week here and will be back to Athens on Sunday. This whole week was really worth-spending, as I didn’t have to fly to Chicago. One of students gave me a ride and let me stay in her house for the whole week. The 1st, 2nd and 3rd days were time to explore the downtown. As expected, Chicago is a way too awesome with its skylines, the giant bean, the art works and the museum.
Not to mention, this week is the Thanksgiving week so I have been enjoying a way too much turkey with the gravy, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, stuffing, macaroni cheese and the cranberry sauce. And the myth is so true: Turkey got its special chemical as I always feel sleepy after digesting it. Oh well, it was only a myth. In all, these all WInter breaks are worth-doing and spending!!
Thank God!!

Winter break 2008-2009

Chicago, Athens, US


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