For my classmates- 2009 Linguists, Gordy, Dept. of linguistics, Ohio University

looking back to the corners that we used to walk,
i saw your shadows all around.
we were there.
smiling and laughing.

this journey has to come to an end.
yet no need to mourn.
we’re one.
you’re me.
i’m you.

another path is waiting,
so we should be waving.
to learn that you are leaving,
my heart is breaking.

the time is here.
for us.
to say goodbye.
cry not.
as you’ll be forever in my heart.

Ps. Written one day before Hector and Sergio’s departure to Panama and Chille.
You both are special friends that I will forever remember.
It’s such a bless to know you both.
You made my life and days in Gordy so memorable and unforgettable.

Ella’s apt, Riverpark Tower, Athens, Ohio.
at 11:15 PM.
After one fine day with my beloved classmates.


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