On my deepest contemplation: I chose. I choose. I will choose.

To my own reflection, I have come to conclude that everything that involves people and voice will just excite a controversy- often an immense one.

I was once too fearful to state my point in front of people as I was not yet ready to face the cons or haters. 

My article about the native vs. non-native speakers of English has resulted in a huge controversy and has inspired some writers, educators who wrote their own reactions to it. Feeling terrified, I somehow could see the silver lining behind the clouds: I have successfully opened up a dialog.

My recent article about the use of “Indon” seems to ignite the same amount of controversy.- could be bigger or lesser.

On my own contemplation, at the end of the day this question always boggles my mind : if I am always too afraid to speak up my own opinion, who else will do it for me?

The choice is than clear: Speak it up so people know that you are alive and worth-living and have your own standpoint or be no one and keep quiet so you will just go un-noticed.

The last choice is like living my life without my soul.

I decided.

I do.

and will always do.


Merit library, 2012.

Madison, March 7, 2012.


2 responses to “On my deepest contemplation: I chose. I choose. I will choose.

  1. Muhammad Anta Kusuma

    Nice story!

  2. Thank you, Anta 🙂

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