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Nelly Martin

Dissertator, Second Language Acquisition (SLA)

Aside from being an awesome Badger, Nelly Martin is a super cheerful woman who recently published two novels in April and August of 2014. 1826 was published by Puspaswara, and Perempuan Pelangi by Gramedia Grasindo, both of which can be purchased on Amazon.

Instead of wallowing around as a desperately stressed Ph.D. student, Nelly chooses to be actively involved in campus life through being a Project Assistant at the Language Institute and SLA. This entails helping her supervisor organize a number of language workshops and brown bag series, and inviting talks for UW community members. Nelly’s involvement allows her to get connected with a number of other departments and organizations on campus.

When asked about her favorite things in Madison, she found it hard to narrow down a choice. Nelly loves Lake Mendota, the Terrace, and especially the libraries. UW–Madison has 26 libraries, all of which offer excellent   services to students. The process of studying and research may be daunting tasks, but with the support of the libraries and its staff, she believes that it can actually become a very stimulating process.

Prior to Madison, Nelly was active in Permias Hawaii (where she was a Fulbright Foreign Language Teaching Assistant) and Athens (where she earned her masters degree). While she isn’t actively involved in Permias Madison, she believes that Permias Madison will help UW–Madison say positive and warm as Polar Vortex 2.0 rapidly approaches this winter.

Contributed by Wuri Prima Kusumastuti


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