Happy Birthday, the most important Introvert in my life



Through the years, I have been learning about you, about us… Most importantly, the significant and noticeable difference between you and me….

Through the years, that is our difference that I admire so much, from you, from us…

Happy Birthday, one important introvert in life. I love you. We’ve been thru a lot and so much- the good times and the bad times, and they all only tell me how much I am blessed to have you, in my life. Let’s have more good times, adventures, traveling moments in more countries, more continents, L.

Selamat 21 Juni. Selamat hari lahir, kakak lebih tua sehariku. May your dreams and aspirations come true! 🙂

— Mengutip katamu: “I have loved you since I was 17, Nelly”, and so have I, L!

PNW, Ramadan, 2016



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