That soft yet powerful force…

And this morning a nice and warm conversation happened between two old friends that have been a while since their last talk.

If I tell you what can bridge them, you may end up laughing, yet I’ll tell you anyway… 🙂

Yes, it actually started with Park Bo Gum. Yes, that cute rising Hallyu star. This conversation started from one or two mentions on Path being continued into a longer and engaging virtual chat. Little did many people know and realize that the power of popular culture, or Korean Dramas, to be precise have actually thawed many complete strangers into some warm and comfort buddies to talk with.

And this morning, another hypothesis has been proven : that Korean dramas can actually function as a bridge to connect two people sharing zero professional and academic interests, yet can end up being involved in such a warm and nice conversation. Isn’t it refreshing to have an interdisciplinary interest and even more enlivening to have a simple yet enchanting talk to start the day or to end the day? 🙂 For me, it is heartwarming and exciting to have self-witnessed that two human beings who used to have almost zero topic to converse, suddenly can find each other in one pleasant and engaging conversation.

And yes, KDrama has a metalanguage ability, a very effective one that has shifted itself from a simple filler to a vital and engaging topic.

And for this, thank you, Kdramas! for the endless topics, some excellent writing (though can be so flawed other times), some strong plots (because some other can be beyond illogical! :D, ooohhhh, don’t remind me about the fate of the white truck! and the makjang dramas that make your head hurt:D), those endearing, good-looking, and talented actors and actresses, the creative producers, and of course the prolific writers!

Later in the future, if you feel like re-connecting with your old or long-lost friends, why not trying to start commenting about your KDrama oppas and share your Kdrama quirk and geekiness? You may end up winning and finding some cool souls out there – be it the old or the new ones!

Try it! 🙂   It may save you from a boring day maybe or from a tedious gathering, or an annoying working colleague… or simply to have a nice and warm conversation just like I did!

Menyambung silaturahmi kan insya Allah membawa berkah dan umur panjang ya, semoga saya tambah sehat dan bahagia setelah ini! hehehhee

… and the last but not the least, it has shaped my morning into a productive one! off we go and write…. to a more serious  stuff now! 😀

…..will come back to surely update the list in one way or the other 🙂


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