“I’m DocMart rocking the Docmart (boots)”

IMG_6090.JPGAda apa dengan Docmarts?

Epilog: One day after I defended my dissertation and officially declared as “Doctor Martin” by my adviser (May 11, 2017), I was suggested, ” Now Nelly, you should buy yourself Docmart boots! It will be cool to have Docmart teaching with Docmart boots.” Not only did my adviser suggest it, but also other professors.

I was just smiling and laughing at their nice jokes. I did not take it seriously until some friends also suggested me to buy those shoes. Lesky did too. He was excited and offered to give me present of those boots (which I eventually declined because I wanted them to be my self-rewarding present). Then, I started to internalize the idea. I was thinking, “Ehm, I think it will be awesome if I am actually using those boots as a means to introduce myself when teaching my students:  Hello, I am Docmart and am wearing Docmarts.” I found it astonishing that the name of the boots is in rhyme with my name.

… and that’s when I took those suggestions seriously which eventually brought me to past life, about twenty years ago… masa putih abu-abu..

To my first encounter with Docmart boots…

Growing up, I admired some friends who could wear and rock those cool shoes. I remember back in the days, high school time, Docmart was in the season, and some friends were crazy with those shoes that were resulted in two major poles: those who could afford the original ones, surely have spent a fortune (their parents’, to be precise) to buy those or alternatively, they bought the knock off! ;),  while of course, the rest was other students like myself who did neither. I was enjoying my friends’ proud and ecstatic expressions while wearing those shoes. Truly happy for them, without any other sentiment.

That was my first encounter with Docmart. Nothing was really personal. It was only a fashion trend during our teenaged life.

Growing up, I was fully aware that my family was living within our means: we are not poor, but not rich either. My parents taught me to be self-sufficient. Bapak, an elementary school teacher, taught me to save some money if I ever wanted to buy some stuff. As a teenager, of course, I had my desire to rock those cool shoes (or other cool stuff) but I also knew that if I had to buy those shoes, I would not be able to pay my LIA course. And I didn’t have the heart to see some disappointment in the eyes of my father who had worked so hard to provide for me and my sister. So, I knew my place. I should not complain about any tertiary or luxury needs because, in fact, my parents provided and clothed us just fine. We did not live in poverty. We just did not have any extra money for anything beyond the basic needs. And I was okay with that. My sister and I grew up happily. We were not complainers.

Thanks to my parents that my sister and I have lived our lives within our own measures: We don’t envy those who are living more luxuriously than we are, and are happy for whatever our parents have provided for us. In other words, Bapak and Ibu taught us to be thankful. Bersyukur. Tidak kecil hati, tapi juga tidak sombong.

And now, after twenty years graduating from senior high school, here I am upon getting the highest degree in one of the public ivy-league universities in the US: I bought myself a pair of red cherry and a pair of green Docmart boots! Woot woot! And I felt truly rewarded because, for one, I bought them out of my own pockets! 🙂

And it surely feels good and accomplished to buy these Docmarts upon earning the degree and being DocMart myself 🙂

These Docmart boots truly symbolize my parents’ prayers and fights that have shaped what I am now. These Docmarts, not only make a fashion statement but also a statement of my long fights, efforts, struggles, and perseverance of my Ph.D. journey. Truly self-rewarding.

Put it simply, it all started with some simple suggestive jokes followed by some nostalgic memories that ended up as the self-rewarding gifts. Indeed, self-rewarding is satisfying.

These are the representations of a long journey of pain and vain abilities. Education is a soft yet powerful weapon.

And yes, I will soon rock those shoes and my students will call me: “Hey, that is Docmart wearing Docmart!” 🙂



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